1. Swedish Erotica Volume 50
  2. Swedish Erotica Volume 11: Black Fantasies
  3. A Woman Scorned
  4. Heavenly Nurse
  5. Let's Play Doctor
Caballero Video

Starting September 2004 Caballero Video will offer up a coordinated one-two punch in the hopes of satisfying a younger, fresher customer they believe is interested in high production values from both yesterday and today.

Sales Manager Dick Lane tells AVN.com Caballero plans a new release line, to be called Fever. Something classy. We know we want something that will stand out among the other lines that are out there. As conceived at this moment, Fever will debut in October. The company may release up to two products a month, in both gonzo and features.

Caballero also plans introduce a new Classics line in mid-September to package older films previously unreleased on DVD. Lane believes the audience for both the Fever and Classic releases will come from new porn consumers who are seeking higher production values and better film quality overall. "There's a lot of fans that want to see movie production values from the Golden Age, something more elaborate. The public is clamoring for more."

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Swedish Erotica Volume 50

Video: Swedish Erotica Volume 50

5 Ratings
Release Year: 1983
Date Added: 2018-02-21

Double Banger

The wives of astronomers often spend lonely
. . .


Swedish Erotica Volume 11: Black Fantasies

Video: Swedish Erotica Volume 11: Black Fantasies

6 Ratings
Release Year: 1986
Date Added: 2018-02-04

The heat keeps happening with more BLACK FANTASIES from Swedish Classics. First, . . .


A Woman Scorned

Video: A Woman Scorned

13 Ratings
Release Year: 1995
Date Added: 2018-01-26

"A Woman Scorned" is an adult film released by Caballero Video and directed by Mitch . . .


Heavenly Nurse

Video: Heavenly Nurse

11 Ratings
Release Year: 1982
Date Added: 2018-01-06

Sensuous European filmmaking at its best! This Heavenly Nurse has the charms to . . .


Let's Play Doctor

Video: Let's Play Doctor

14 Ratings
Release Year: 1971

The Flanders and Alcott Report on Sexual Response aims to study human sexual response . . .


Swedish Erotica 36

Video: Swedish Erotica 36

19 Ratings
Release Year: 1981

After a rough day of driving up oil prices, an Arab sheik gets a visit from vivacious

. . .


All That Jizm

Video: All That Jizm

11 Ratings
Release Year: 1994

The peep show of shows, just like 42nd street! You’ll be treated to two spectacular . . .


Between Lovers

Video: Between Lovers

26 Ratings
Release Year: 1983

When Maggie Turner (Jesie St. James) is a woman scorned when she comes home a day . . .


With Love, Loni

Video: With Love, Loni

18 Ratings
Release Year: 1985

Check out these provocative and sizzling scenes from the movies that helped expose . . .


Swedish Erotica Featurettes Volume No. 2

Video: Swedish Erotica Featurettes Volume No. 2

21 Ratings
Release Year: 1989

Five hardcore classic vignettes: "Happy Birthday to Me” starring Cheri Taylor, . . .

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