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For those of you that have a thing for those punk rock girls, we've got the playlist for you. Not only does this playlist include spiky-haired, safety pin-wearing, leather-clad chicks showing off their privates, there's also some true life punk musicians thrown into the mix. These punks will have you shooting spunk!

Linnea Quigley shows sweet T&A in the cemetery in The Return of the Living Dead, Amy Cater and Anthea Eaton get leztastically nude and intimate in The Band, Marian Anderson performs with her perfect pair out for all to see in Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Rock Goddess, Amina Munster gets fully nude in a photo shoot in Suicide Girls Must Die! Helena Quinton makes with the full frontal in Class of 1984, Gina Carrera gets a helping hand with her clothes, baring every inch of her body in Suburbia, James Suicide gets fully nude in Suicide Girls Must Die! Becky Savage shows bush and boobs while getting dicked by a dude in Café Flesh, Quinne Suicide goes full frontal in Suicide Girls Must Die! Chloe Webb racks out in Sid and Nancy, Macarena Gomez teases her suck sacks in El Calentito, Jenny Runacre wows us with her three B's in Jubilee, Madonna shows a little nip through her see-through brain Desperately Seeking Susan, Wendy O. Williams makes with the T&A in Reform School Girls, Jennifer Clay bares her boobies in Suburbia, Nancy Spungen teases her titties in The Filth and the Fury, Avril Lavigne flashes butt crackage during the Much Music Video Awards, Bettina Ciampolini shows her right boobie in Demons, Kristen Stewart dances around in her undies in The Runaways, Kathleen Hanna shows us what she looks like in her bra in The Punk Singer, Anna Livia loses her top while dancing in Punk Rock, Carrie Brownstein shows nothing in Transparent, Nadja Bobyleva flashes her suck sacks in Engel & Joe, and Kristen Stewart delivers bad news in her panties in The Runaways. Punk will never die as long as these punk rocking pretties continue to show some skin!

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