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Approximate Running Time: 00:16:10
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When stars are cooking Naked Under an Apron, the dishes really sizzle! Welcome to the five star breastaurant!

Leah Cairns serves breakfast with a side of hot, fresh buns while wearing nothing but an apron in 88 Minutes, Jane March's twittering about the kitchen, making some more dinner in an apron and nothing else in Color of Night, Leonor Watling shows side boobage and some truly tasty ass in The Oxford Murders, Dena Ashbaugh gives a great glimpse of gluteus while she flits about the kitchen in nothing but an apron and a grin in Barely Cooking, Georgina Hale's nude, save for an apron, cookin' up her buns in the kitchen in McVicar, Y Sa Lo's baring left boob and her cute caboose while waiting tables in an apron in Lola, Julie Depardieu lets her left lung nut slip out of her apron in Bienvenue au gîte, Sarah Alexander dons boots, and apron, and nothing else, serving up some sweetly succulent butt in the kitchen in The Armstrong and Miller Show, Victoria Abril appears in an apron and not a whole heck of a lot else in French Twist, Kate Nauta wears an apron with nothing underneath while butchering some meat in Nine Miles Down, Beatrice Harnois spices up dinner with some naked knockers and ass in the kitchen while she tosses salad in Les Mille et une perversions de Felicia, Carice van Houten is wearing an apron and black thong undies until her husband rips in off in The Happy Housewife, Pauline Lafont serves up a nice view of her caboose while she prepares breakfast, nude, clad only in an apron in Cop au vin, Azucena Hernández trots out some tasty T&A for two lucky chaps while wearing nothing but a teeny apron in ¡Qué gozada de divorcio!, Malou Cartwright cooks up some steaming buns that are peeking out of an apron, followed by some tasty chest muffins in The Groove Room, Aimee Mullins stands proudly on a rotating platform, sporting an apron, clear prosthetic shins, and not much else in The Order: from Matthew Barney's Cremaster 3, Eva De Viveiros presents the top half of her ass crack as she wears an apron and puts stuff in the oven in Barely Cooking, Ana Alexander wears an apron and no panties and fellates a banana in Chemistry, Katie Morgan's a cream-bearing barista, showing her huge hooters during a porno shoot in a coffee shop in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Renée Zellweger comes out in the record store apron, showing off plenty of perky sideboob in Empire Records, Amanda Righetti cuffs her guy to a bed and shaves his ass with a knife, showing T&A all the way in Angel Blade, Jacqui Holland spins around in a sexy piece of lingerie, briefly revealing the Jacqui-licious junk in her trunk in Hollywood Sex Wars.
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