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Approximate Running Time: 00:22:46
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Ms. Law has called Robby's mother after class for a very special parent - teacher conference. Robby hangs his head in shame, he knows he's in serious trouble this time. He's been picking on a few of the girls in class, he's so young that he doesn't know how else to show pretty girls attention. This behavior is disruptive and unacceptable to Ms. Law, and his mother must correct his behavior.

Ms. Law explains with a heavy heart that the boy needs a very serious correction method. The boy is young, dumb, and full of cum. He will behave much better if he is relieved of this terrible affliction. Ms Rae is understandably nervous about Ms. Law's discipline ideas, but Ms. Law is well known & respected as a woman God. Ms. Rae fears displeasing the lord and Ms. Law if she doesn't participate.

Ms. Law smiles warmly and shows the boy how beautiful his mother's body is. She convinces Robby's mother to use her hand, her mouth and he cums inside of her pretty mouth. Ms. Rae's soulful brown eyes look up at Robby, he's still hard, throbbing, uncomfortable. She allows Ms. Law to open her legs for the boy. Robby's eyes are wide as he watches both women take off their panties for him, "he must be drained," Ms. Law tells his mother. The boy thrusts his thick cock inside of his mother until he cums deep inside of her pussy. Ms. Law sees the boy is still hard, and will need to thrust inside of her pussy. Ms. Law's strong pussy hugs the boy's shaft as he empties his balls deep inside of her.

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Cast & Stars: Young, Dumb & Full of Cum II

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